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Lebanon January-September 2010: Koreans up 87%!

The Lebanese car market is doing well in 2010 with 25,565 cars sold in the first 9 months, a 5% increase on ’09. Japanese cars account for 39.2% of total sales (down 15%), Korean cars for 30.8% (up 87%!) and European 23.3%.

The Association of Automobile Importers in Lebanon released the following figures: Kia is the best-selling brand with 4,837 sales (18.9%) ahead of Nissan at 4,180 (16.3%), Hyundai (3,018 and 11.8%) and Toyota (2,539 and 9.9%).

In this context and based on observation of Beirut’s streets through YouTube videos, my guess is the Kia Picanto is the #1 car in Lebanon, followed by the Nissan Tiida and the Hyundai Getz. The Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class should also be in the Top 10. This is 100% speculation, so if you have any more info please get in touch!

More pictures and source below.

Source: www.ilouban.info

Pictures: www.flickr.com

  1. Ronman
    March 3, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    One more thing, your BMW and Merc observation is a bit flawed because of the Gray market.

    According to an ex Merc exec, the market is good for 3000 Mercs a year, but the dealer is only able to sell a total of about 450-800 cars at best a year because of the stiff competition he’s getting from used cars coming from the states, and sometimes from Europe when the Euro slinks.

    same applies to the BMW 3 series, a lot of Beemers on the road are bought used, alhtough the BMW dealership’s new model performance is not bad at all and oudoes mercedes. Audi dont have the same heavy gray market issue as the other two, but it’s getting there as new Audi’s are getting to be very expensive after you tally the import tax and registration and such… VW is struggling, Lebanese people still won’t pay much for a Golf, let alone a Passat or Jetta, so they setttle for 3 -6 year old used models shipped from the states. only the Polo marIV sold well because of special offers and discounts.

    • March 5, 2011 at 7:20 pm

      Hi Ron,

      This is fantastic stuff! Thank you very much for sharing this info about the Lebanese market. And glad I was close enough with my assumptions 😉

      Ok this is worth a new post so I will create a Lebanon Full Year 2010 post and quote you. If you have access to official figures please send them my way!
      I would love to be able to post updates on the Lebanese car market regularly.

      I’m very intrigued with Renault/Dacia making the Dacia Logan coexist with the Renault Sandero and Duster? Bizarre…

      Thanks again Ron, looking forward to receiving more updates from you!


  2. Ronman
    March 3, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Hi Matt, I’m impressed with nearly accurate forecast of the Lebanese Market.

    since about 2008, the Picanto has been the leader all out as per model. The Tiida came second continuously because Nissan, as a Japanese brand, had more credence on the market until last year 2010 where Kia, thanks to the Picanto, Cerrato and new Sportage scored off the chart number.

    Growth has been coming from all sides, but in the new market, the Koreans are firmly in command. Toyota is giving the Japanese a good boost thanks to the rather well priced Yaris. Chevrolet’s Korean cars are also scoring well, and will be getting a boost this year thanks to the new and nicer looking spark.

    another Japanese booster that is damping the Korean surge is Mazda, their growth in the past three years has been off the charts with their local dealer reinventing the brand locally. Mazda is the Japanese BMW now, and people are liking the brand more and more. Nissan are iffy, their product have lost their glare, especially with the Tiida being much pricier (starts at &19000) than the Koreans, mainly the Kia Cerato (on the road with similar specs for $16000).

    Hyundai has been achieving well of late thanks to their nicely designed sonata and Tuscon, the 2011 i10 is off to a monumental start this year at war with the Chevy Spark with the new Picanto to join in about 4 month and possibly take the lead by the end of the year . .

    Renault/Dacia have been boosted recently with the Dacia Logan, but the importer is putting most of his weight behind the Renault brand as he imports Renault branded Dusters and Sanderos, the Latter of which sold extremely well in 09 and 10.

    Sorry i can’t get an accurate number for the top ten,dealers dont give out specifics, only overall numbers but i can give you an almost iron clad top 5 for 2010.
    1-kia Picanto
    2-Hyundai i10
    3-Kia Cerato
    4-Toyota Yaris
    5-Renault Sandero

    again this is not 100% however i will scour my sources and try to get you more solid numbers.

    Looking forward to helping you out Matt…great blog yo have running here

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