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Australia: 1948-1995 Historical Data now available

1960 Ford Falcon XK

We are now looking back further in the past, with 4 new posts giving you a broad idea of what the Australian market looked like during the second half of the 20th Century.

Holden had a head start, launching the first car fully manufatured in Australia in 1948, whereas Ford unveiled the first Falcon in 1960. The whole period is a constant, ferocious battle between the two brands, with the Holden Kingswood nameplate becoming a household name before the Commodore launched in 1978, and the Falcon’s figures improving throughout the years.

Click on ‘Read more’ below for the direct links to the 4 new posts.

1988 Holden Commodore VN

1948 Holden

The general Australia page is here.

Australia 1948-1960: Holden only Australian brand in the market

Australia 1960-1978: The start of the Ford-Holden rivalry

Australia 1979-1987: Commodore shines, Falcon at its best

Australia 1988-1995: Commodore and Falcon’s closest fight


Note: all Holden pictures are official Holden pictures copyright GM, sourced on GM’s media site.


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