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Historical Data now available for 16 countries

Toyota Hilux, #1 in Algeria in 2005

I have now added Historical Data for 16 countries: Algeria (up to 2004), Bulgaria (up to 2005), Chile (2004), Ecuador (2006), Hungary (2006), Iceland (2006), Indonesia (2005), Iran (1967), Israel (2005), Morocco (2004), Peru (2005), Philippines (2005), Portugal (2000), Singapore (2006), Thailand (2004) and Vietnam (2003).

Witness the dominance of the legendary Paykan over the Iranian car market, the 2005 launch of the Dacia Logan in Algeria and Morocco, the 2004 arrival of the Toyota Kijang Innova in South-East Asia and the total domination of Suzuki in Hungary. Click on ‘Read more’ below for all the direct links to these 42 new posts. Enjoy!


Algeria 2004: Peugeot 206 best seller

Algeria 2005: Hilux #1, Hyundai puts pressure, Logan arrives

Algeria 2006: Hyundai Accent in top spot

Algeria 2007: Chevrolet Aveo triumphs

Algeria 10 months 2009: Symbol, Alto and Logan dominate


Bulgaria 2005: Skoda Fabia edges out Clio & 307

Bulgaria 2007: Dacia Logan ahead


Chile 2004-2005: Chevrolet Corsa on top

Chile 2006-2008: Toyota Yaris in command

Chile 7 months 2009: Hyundai Accent snaps 1st place


Ecuador 2006: Chevrolet dominates the models ranking


Hungary 2006: Suzuki Swift & Skoda Fabia over 10,000 sales

Hungary 2007: Suzuki places 3 models on the podium!


Iceland 2006-2007: Toyota Yaris on top

Iceland 6 months 2008: Yaris & Land Cruiser dominate


Indonesia 2005: Toyota Kijang Innova strong leader

Indonesia 2006: Avanza and Kijang Innova ahead


Iran 1967-2001: Paykan monopolises the market

Iran 2002-2004: Saipa Pride & Paykan most popular


Israel 2005-2008: Mazda3 invincible


Morocco 2004-2005: Renault Kangoo leader, Logan gears up

Morocco 2006-2008: Dacia Logan in command


Peru 9 months 2005: Toyota places Hilux, Yaris and Corolla on top


Philippines 2005-2008: Toyota Kijang Innova in the lead

Philippines 2009: Toyota Vios & Innova dominate


Portugal 2000: Fiat Punto leads the market

Portugal 2004: Opel Corsa #1

Portugal 2005: Opel Astra climbs on top of sales

Portugal 2006: Renault Clio, Megane & Opel Astra dominate

Portugal 2007: Megane & Astra over 10,000 units

Portugal 2008: Renault holds top 2 spots with Clio & Megane


Singapore 2006: Corolla Altis in the lead

Singapore 2007: Mitsubishi Lancer takes #1 spot

Singapore 2008: Honda Civic most popular

Singapore 2009: Hyundai Avante surprise best-seller


Thailand November 2004: new gen Hilux takes the lead

Thailand 6 months 2005: Isuzu D-Max resists new gen Hilux

Thailand July 2006: Toyota Hilux reclaims market leadership


Vietnam 2003-2005: Toyota Zace in the lead

Vietnam 2006: Toyota Innova starts with a bang

Vietnam 2007-2008: Toyota Innova, Honda Civc and Daewoo Captiva on podium

Vietnam 2009: Toyota Innova under threat from Corolla and Fortuner

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