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USSR/Russia: 1970-2009 Historical Info now available

1972 Lada 2103

I have now uploaded historical data for the USSR/Russia starting in 1970 and up to 2009. Witness the behaviour of immensely popular Lada 2101, Lada 2105, Lada Samara, Lada 110 and Lada Priora, the success of the Ford Focus and Renault Logan, and watch the market grow year after year to peak at 2.7 million units in 2008 before the GFC.

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USSR/Russia Historical Info:

USSR 1970-1979: Lada 2101-3 conquers the Soviet roads

USSR 1980-1985: Lada 2104-7 likely leader

USSR/Russia 1986-1995: Lada 2104-7 and Samara dominate

Russia 1996-2002: Lada 110, Samara and 2104-7 on top

Russia 2003: Lada 110 tops sales, Samara #2

Russia 2004: Lada Samara leader, 110 and 2104/5/7 follow

Russia 2005: Lada Samara holds onto pole position

Russia 2006: Lada 2104-7 back on top, Ford Focus #4

Russia 2007: Lada 2104-7 ahead of Samara

Russia 2008: Lada 2104-7 keeps the lead, Priora on podium

Russia 2009: Lada Priora takes the lead, but not in Moscow!

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