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Historical Data now available for 10 additional countries

The first generation VW Gol was among the Argentinean best-sellers in the 80’s. Picture by Camilo Fontana, all rights reserved.

Best Selling Cars is getting more and more thorough by the minute, with historical data now available for 10 additional countries: Argentina (up to 1988), Austria (1977), Denmark (1992), Finland (2004), Greece (2000), India (1950), the Netherlands (1998), Norway (1999), Russia (1970) and Sweden (1957), bringing the total of countries with Historical Data to 48!

Witness the domination of the VW Gol in Argentina, of the VW Golf in Austria, the great performances of the Toyota Corolla, Avensis and Aygo in Northern Europe and much more.

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Argentina Historical Data:

Argentina 1988-2002: VW Gol reigns

Argentina 2003-2005: VW Gol continues to dominate

Argentina 2006-2008: VW Gol, Chevy Corsa and Peugeot 206 on top

Argentina 2009: Chevy Corsa new leader, Peugeot 207 Compact #2

Austria Historical Data:

Austria 1977-1997: VW Golf likely leader

Austria 1998: VW Golf, Passat and Opel Astra on podium

Austria 2003: VW Golf at 5.4%, Polo and Fabia follow

Austria 2004: VW Golf V leads the way, Sharan shines

Austria 2005: Golf and Astra dominate, Golf Plus shines

Austria 2006-2007: Golf, Passat and Polo on podium

Austria 2008: VW Golf leads, Audi A4 up to #3

Austria 2009: VW Golf and Polo on top, Seat Ibiza #3

Denmark Historical Data:

Denmark 1992/1993: Opel Astra and Toyota Carina dominate

Denmark 2005: Peugeot 307, 206 and Toyota Avensis on podium

Denmark 2006: Toyota Avensis and VW Passat on top

Denmark 2007: VW Passat and Peugeot 207 dominate

Denmark 2008: Skoda Fabia and Toyota Aygo most popular

Denmark 2009: Toyota Avensis and Aygo lead the pack

Finland Historical Data:

Finland 2004-2006: Toyota Corolla reigns

Finland 2007: Toyota Corolla resists, Skoda Octavia up to #2

Finland 2008-2009: VW Golf takes command

Greece Historical Data:

Greece 2000: Hyundai Accent and Opel Astra on top

Greece 2001: Opel Astra takes the lead ahead of Astra and Punto

Greece 2002: Fiat Punto, Peugeot 206 and 307 on podium

Greece 2003-2005: Toyota Corolla reigns

Greece 2006: Ford Focus new leader

Greece 2007: new gen Opel Corsa in command, Opel Astra #2

Greece 2008: Opel Astra, Toyota Auris and Yaris most popular

Greece 2009: Ford Fiesta and Nissan Qashqai new best sellers

India Historical Info:

India 1950-1984: Hindustan Ambassador ‘king of Indian roads’

India 1985-2004: Maruti 800 dominates

India 2005: Maruti Alto takes the lead, Santro and Indica on podium

India 2006-2007: Maruti Alto first car to pass 200k yearly volume

India 2008-2009: Alto leader, Wagon R up, i10 arrives

Netherlands Historical Data:

Netherlands 1998: Opel Astra reigns

Netherlands 2004: Peugeot 307 in command, 206 #3

Netherlands 2005-2006: VW Golf on top in fragmented market

Netherlands 2007-2008: Peugeot 207 most popular

Netherlands 2009: VW Golf and Toyota Aygo dominate

Norway Historical Data:

Norway 1999-2000: VW Golf in command

Norway 2001: VW Passat and Ford Mondeo dominate

Norway 2002-2003: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Norway 2004: Toyota Avensis new leader

Norway 2005: Toyota Corolla climbs back on top, VW Passat #3

Norway 2006-2007: VW Passat clear leader

Norway 2008: VW Golf reclaims lead, Ford Mondeo #2

Norway 2009: VW Golf #1 again, Toyota Avensis up to #2

USSR/Russia Historical Info:

USSR 1970-1979: Lada 2101/2/3 conquers the Soviet roads

USSR 1980-1985: Lada 2104/5/7 likely leader

USSR/Russia 1986-1995: Lada 2104/5/7 and Samara dominate

Russia 1996-2002: Lada 110, Samara and 2104/5/7 on top

Russia 2003: Lada 110 tops sales, Samara #2

Russia 2004: Lada Samara leader, 110 and 2104/5/7 follow

Russia 2005-2006: Lada Samara holds onto pole position

Russia 2007-2008: Lada 2104/5/7 back on top, Lada Priora arrives

Russia 2009: Lada Priora takes the lead

Sweden Historical Data:

Sweden 1957-1966: Volvo Amazon should lead sales

Sweden 1967-1974: Volvo 140 Series likely best seller

Sweden 1975-1983: Volvo 240 most popular, Saab launches 900

Sweden 1984-1990: Volvo 740 should be on top

Sweden 1991-1995: Volvo 940 and 850 fight it out

Sweden 1996-1997: Volvo V70 and V90 dominate

Sweden 1998-1999: Volvo V70 #1, Saab 9-5 and Volvo S80 up

Sweden 2000-2001: Volvo and Saab dominate at home

Sweden 2002-2003: Volvo V70 and Saab 9-5 dominate, Megane a hit

Sweden 2004-2005: Volvo V70 #1, V50 arrives

Sweden 2006-2007: Volvo V70 leads, Saab 9-5 and 9-3 shine

Sweden 2008: new Volvo V70 #1, Saab 9-5 and Volvo V50 on podium

Sweden 2009: Volvo V70 and V50 on top, Passat #3

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