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World: 1960-2008 Historical Info now available

VW Beetle

1980 Toyota Corolla

Historical Info on the best selling cars around the globe since 1960 has now been posted.

Pretty straight forward really, with the VW Beetle in the lead all through the sixties and into the mid-seventies, then losing its top spot when production dropped due to the arrival of the VW Golf. The Toyota Corolla then took the relay. It never looked back and still is the world’s best selling car today.

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Note world models ranking are very rare to come across so if you have any official information relating to this from anytime before 2009 please make sure to get in touch on here by writing a comment. Thanks!

World Historical Info:

World 1960-1974: VW Beetle conquers the planet

World 1975-1979: Toyota Corolla should take the lead

World 1980: Toyota Corolla clear leader, Renault 5 and VW Golf follow

World 1981-1989: Toyota Corolla from strength to strength

World 1990-1991: Toyota Corolla closes in on the million

World 1992-1999: Toyota Corolla reinforces world domination

World 2000-2008: Toyota Corolla continues to shine

Existing World posts:

World 2009: Toyota Corolla #1 with 900,000+ sales

World 2010: Toyota Hilux #1 in 28 countries

Pictures: www.autobild.de, www.autowp.ru

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