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China: 1986-2009 Historical Data now available

2004 VW Jetta

Chinese historical data up to 1986 is now available on Best Selling Cars. This 25 year period in China is definitely one of the most interesting in the history of automobile, sales in the country going from virtually nothing to 18 million cars nowadays!

1986 marks the local production launch of the VW Santana, the very car that would set the ground work for China’s motorisation, with over 3 million units produced in 25 years. Witness the Santana pass the relay to the VW Jetta in the mid-nineties, the Jetta leading for over a decade and surviving to this day with a second facelift in 2010 and 2 million units produced.

1986 VW Santana

Discover the intense fight between the Jetta, Buick Excelle, Hyundai Elantra and Tianjin Xiali in the mid-noughties, leading to the crowning of the BYD F3 in 2009.

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The Chinese 2010-2011 page, updated monthly, is here.

China Historical Data:

China 1986-1995: VW Santana launches Chinese motorisation

China 1996-2001: VW Jetta challenges Santana domination

China 2002: VW Jetta, Santana and Santana 3000 on podium

China 2003: VW Jetta, Santana and Passat in command

China 2004: VW Jetta and Santana on top, Hyundai Elantra arrives

China 2005: Tianjin Xiali and Hyundai Elantra take the lead

China 2006: VW Jetta reclaims first place, Buick Excelle close second

China 2007: VW Jetta, Buick Excelle and Toyota Camry on podium

China 2008: VW Jetta #1, Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla up

China 2009: BYD F3 crowned, Buick Excelle and Hyundai Elantra Yuedong follow

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    Well! this is good about Chinese historical data. i read and increase my knowledge. nice job.keep it up.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

    • April 12, 2011 at 2:36 pm

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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