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Austria March 2011: Opel Astra and Ford Focus up

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

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Austrian car sales are up 8% in March at 35,869 registrations and up 16% year-to-date at 87,865. VW tops the ranking as usual with the Golf at 1,701 units and 4.7% and the Polo at 1,249 sales and 3.5%.

The Opel Astra is up 9 spots on February to #3 at 1,181 sales and 3.3%, whereas the Ford Focus, boosted by the new generation now in showrooms, is up 15 spots to #4 with 846 units and 2.4%, and the VW Passat is up 9 places at #8 (1.8%).

Two all-new models break into the Top 100: the Peugeot 508 is 60th with 203 units, and the Chevrolet Orlando is 91st at 123 sales.

Full Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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Austria February 2011: VW Golf #1, i30 #3, Touran in Top 10 Discover the Top 100 best selling models

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Austrian car sales are in great shape in February, up 21% year-on-year at 26,412. The VW Golf leads with an improved 4.9% share, whereas the VW Polo drops slightly to 2.7%. The Top 5 ranking reorganises itself to exactly mimic the Full Year 2010 Top 5: Hyundai i30 in 3rd place at 2.2%, followed by the Seat Ibiza and Skoda Fabia (both at 2.1%).

The Opel Meriva stays strong at #6 with 1.9% share, ahead of a VW Touran in great shape at #7 with 476 sales and 1.8%. Other good performances include the Renault Megane (1.5%) at #11 and the VW Bus at #13 (1.4%).

Full Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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Austria January 2011: VW Golf leads, Opel Meriva #4, Sharan #8 Now with Top 100 best selling models

February 21, 2011 4 comments

Opel Meriva

The Austrian market starts the year up 22% at 25,584 registrations in January. No surprises on top: like in Germany and the general European ranking, the VW Golf leads (4.5%) followed by the VW Polo (2.9%), however with shares lower than in 2010.

The Skoda Fabia climbs back onto the podium with 617 sales and 2.4%, ahead of a very strong Opel Meriva, 4th with 588 sales (2.3%). The Opel Astra and Skoda Octavia are the only two other models above 2% share. Notice the VW Sharan still strong in 8th with 1.9%, the Ford Galaxy at #11 and the Seat Alhambra at #27.

Full January Top 100 Ranking Table below. **Many thanks to Ausrutherford for the source tip!**

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Austria Full Year 2010: Golf, Polo and i30 in the lead

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Austrian car sales are up 4% in December at 20,366 sales with the 2010 total up 2% at 328,563 registrations. The VW Golf is the best selling car in the country at 16,986 sales (5.2%) ahead of the VW Polo at 12,340 sales (3.8%) and the Hyundai i30 at 8,017 sales (2.4%).

Very impressive year for the Seat Ibiza at #4 (2.3%), ahead of the Skoda Fabia (2.2%), Opel Astra (2.1%) and Audi A4 (2%). All other cars are under 2%, denoting a very fragmented market.

In December, the VW Sharan held an extremely solid 3rd place with 2.6% and could be one of the big players in 2011 in the Austrian market. The Dacia Duster stayed in the Top 20.

December and Full Year 2010 Top 30 Ranking Tables: see below.

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Austria November 2010: VW Sharan #3

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The Austrian car market is growing by 9% year-on-year in November with 28,024 registrations. Behind the VW Golf, a tad weak at 4.8%, and the Hyundai i30, 2nd again at 3%, the VW Sharan now fully enjoys its renewal with an outstanding 3rd position at 832 sales and 3% share!

The VW Passat also seems to benefit from the added sales of the new gen at #6. Indeed the VAG Group demonstrates its strength in the country by placing 8 cars in the Top 10: 5 x VW (Golf, Sharan, Polo, Passat, Touran), the Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and Audi A4! Notice also the excellent 17th place of the Dacia Duster with 1.3%.

Full Top 30 Ranking Table below.

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Austria October 2010: Golf #1, i30 #2

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

The Austrian car market is up for the third month in a row with 28,713 registrations and +7%, and the VW Golf stays safely on top at 1,207 sales and 4.2% (vs. 5.2% year-to-date).

This month’s best performance goes to the Hyundai i30, #2 for the 2nd time this year with 3.2% (it got 3.9% in August), it climbs onto the podium year-to-date with 6,756 sales and 2.4%, behind the Golf and the Polo (3.9%).

Notice the excellent overall score of the Seat Ibiza, #4 year-to-date, Austria being its best country outside the Iberian peninsula. Other strong performers in October include the VW Touran (6th), Tiguan (7th) and new gen Sharan (pictured below), excelling in 14th position and 1.5%, just ahead of the Ford Galaxy. Austria is indeed much more fond of German MPV’s than Germany itself.

Full Top 30 year-to-date and Top 50 October ranking tables below.

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Austria 2009: VW Golf and Polo on top, Seat Ibiza #3

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Seat Ibiza

Austrian car sales jump 9% in 2009 at a very healthy 319,403 registrations. Not surprisingly, the new VW Golf VI takes the relay of the Golf V and finishes the year a distant 1st with 12,763 sales and 4% share. It lead the monthly rankings 9 times out of 12. Up 18%, the VW Polo is #2 overall at 8,900 sales and 2.8% and was #1 in October (1.081 sales).

At an amazing 3rd place, the Seat Ibiza delivers the best performance of the year, up from 8th in 2008 with 8,018 sales (+56%) and 2.5% of the Austrian market. It was even #1 in June with 1,402 sales, the 2nd highest monthly volume achieved by a non-VW model in the last 10 years.

In 4th, the Skoda Octavia is up an excellent 33% at 7,307 sales and 2.3% share, and took the lead for the very first time in this country in February. It is followed by its little sister the Skoda Fabia, #5 at 7,217 sales. Notice the Ford Fiesta (+55%), Audi A3 (+29%) and VW Golf Plus (+66%) all breaking into the yearly Top 10.

Full Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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