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India March 2011: Maruti Alto & Ford Figo set new records

April 4, 2011 4 comments

Maruti Alto K10

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This month the Maruti Alto, boosted by the facelifted K10 version, sets up a new monthly volume record in India at 38,065 units. This is nearly 5,000 units above the previous record it set just two months ago in January! The Alto delivers 104,198 sales over the first 3 months of the year, meaning if it continues at this pace it will finish the year over 400,000 sales…

The Maruti Wagon R is #2 for the first time this year at 14,885 units, followed by the Hyundai i10 at 14,185. There are 4 Marutis in the Top 5 with the Swift (#4) and DZire (#5) also at very high levels. In 6th place, the Ford Figo sets a new monthly volume record for a Ford model in India at 8,926 units. It is also the model’s highest position ever.

Ford Figo

The Tata Nano continues to grow: up one spot in 7th with 8,707 sales, only 300 units short of its best ever month in July 2010. For the first time ever, the Nano is Tata’s best seller this month.

Five more models have their best ever month in March: the VW Vento at 3,973 sales (#19 and for the first time passing the Honda City – leader in that category for the last 13 years), VW Polo at 3,881 (#20), Maruti SX4 at 3,632 (#21), Toyota Etios at 3,257 (#23) and Nissan Micra at 2,060 (#30).

Top 40 Ranking Tables for March & the last 15 months: click on ‘Read more’ below the Vento pic.

VW Vento

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India: 1950-2009 Historical Info now available

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

1963 Hindustan Ambassador

Historical info has now been uploaded for India, going back as far as 1950! Witness the domination of the Hindustan Ambassador over 35 years, the 20-year long leadership of the Maruti 800, and the Maruti Alto breaking volume records over the last 5 years…

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India February 2011: Alto high again, Nano back in Top 10

March 4, 2011 2 comments

Tata Nano

Another very strong month for car sales in India with at #1 the Maruti Alto above 33,000 units for the 2nd time only in its career, and at #2 the Hyundai i10 at 15,000+ sales for the 4th time in the last 12 months.

Tata is doing well, with the Tata Indigo/Manza at #7 (8,966 sales) and the Tata Nano at #8, its first time in the Top 10 since August 2010 and its second best monthly figure yet at 8,262 sales.

A few models have their strongest month ever: the VW Vento (#21 with 3,548 sales), Maruti SX4 (thanks to the new diesel version, #22 at 3,534 units), VW Polo (#23, 3,303 sales), Toyota Etios (still a bit shy though at #26 and 2,786 sales) and Nissan Micra, for the first time above 2,000 sales at 2,030 (#30). The new Tata Venture launches at 299 sales.

Full Top 40 Ranking Table for February and the last 14 months: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Tata Indigo Manza

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India January 2011: Alto, i10 & Figo beat records, Nano grows

February 2, 2011 6 comments

The Maruti Alto sold 33,118 units in India in January, its best ever month.

Very strong start of the year for Indian car sales: no less than 13 models either beat their volume record or are at their yearly best. At the very top, both the Maruti Alto at 33,118 sales (+57% on Jan’10!) and the Hyundai i10 at 16,694 units are at their highest. At this rhythm we could see the Alto finish the year at 400-475,000 sales, and the i10 around 200,000 sales…

The Top 6 is identical to the 2010 ranking, with the Maruti Wagon R, Swift & Tata Indica above 10,000 units. In 7th, the Ford Figo delivers its best ever month at 8,616 units, lifting Ford to levels never-seen before in the country. The Tata Nano’s recovery continues: it is 11th with 6,703 sales this month, or 74% of its best ever month.

First time above 5,000 sales for the Toyota Innova, above 4,000 for the Maruti A-Star (aka new Suzuki Alto). The Toyota Etios climbs to #33 with 1,651 sales.

More pictures, Full Top 40 Ranking Table and 13 month overview for each Top 40 model: click on ‘Read more’ below.

The Hyundai i10 has its best ever month with 16,694 sales.

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India December 2010: Nano recovers, Alto at 300k+ sales in 2010

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After last month’s poor results, Tata has been busy trying to resuscitate the Nano with new TV ads, easier financing and an extended warranty, and it worked so far: the Nano is #12 in December with 5,784 sales, its best month since July. Let’s see if this recovery will last into 2011.

At the top of the ranking, the Maruti Alto stays well ahead and finishes the year at 300,950 sales, the first time in Indian car sales’ history that a model sells over 300k units in a year. The Hyundai i10 is #2 at 159,158 units, but dropped to 4th in December. The Maruti Wagon R is #3 in 2010 at 156,509 sales and #2 in December, and the Maruti Swift is #4 this year with 142,549 units (#3 in Dec). The Tata Indica and Maruti Dzire (a Swift sedan) are also above 100k sales this year.

December highlights also include the first appearance in the Top 20 of the new VW Vento (3,160 sales), the Skoda Fabia breaking into the Top 30 for the first time at #26 and the very first Toyota Etios sales at 407 units.

December Top 30, Full Year 2010 Top 40 and Summary Table of all 2010 Monthly figures for the Top 40 models below.

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India November 2010: Nano sinks to 509 sales

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

In this blog I normally focus on best performances and don’t dwell on the weak ones, but this is such shocking news that it had to be the main headline: the Tana Nano only found 509 new owners in the whole of India last month…

This is very bad news for Tata which had sky high expectations for this model (starting with 250,000 units/year). Instead, apart from 3 months above 5,000 sales this summer, the Nano had been vegetating around 3,500 monthly sales most of the year, with supply issues blamed. Now, with the car fully available across the country, it seems the real issue is that there is actually no market for the Nano in India. Too rudimentary, noisy and overtly ‘low-cost’ for a demanding and image-conscious consumer that, for the same price, prefers a larger second-hand car…

Is it the end of the road for the Nano?

Rest of the commentaries and Full Top 30 Ranking table below.

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India October 2010: Alto & Wagon R at record levels

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The Indian car market is going from strength to strength and the Maruti Alto and Wagon R are posting record figures in October: 32,612 and 16,952 sales respectively!

The Hyundai i10 (#3) is also very solid at 15,103 registrations, its second best 2010 figure, the Maruti Swift posts its best 2010 performance at 12,948 sales in 4th, same goes for the Swift Dzire (9,644 sales), Omni (8,564) and Ritz (aka Suzuki Splash) at 6,928.

The Mahindra Xylo posts its best month ever at 3,137 sales, the VW Vento (new Polo sedan) is 29th for its 2nd month in the Indian market at 1,615 sales, and the new Tata Aria MPV delivers 344 units for its very first month. On a more negative note, the Tata Nano has its worst 2010 month at 3,065 registrations (22nd).

Mahindra Xylo

Full Top 30 ranking table below.

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