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Mexico March 2011: Seat Ibiza at its highest

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Mexican consumers continue to buy more new cars than last year, a total of 75,125 units in March, up 15%. The Nissan Tsuru reclaims the pole position, just: with 5,406 sales (7.2%) it is 95 units above the VW Clasico at 5,311 (7.1%).

The Nissan Tiida Sedan at #3, Chevrolet Aveo at #4 and VW Nueva Jetta at #5 are all stable vs. last month. The best performance goes to the Seat Ibiza this month: it is 9th with 1,365 registrations, its best ever volume in Mexico.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Mexico February 2011: VW Clasico leads the way!

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

VW Clasico

The Mexican car market is up a healthy 13% in February at 66,990 registrations. For once the Nissan Tsuru is not the best selling car this month, the honour going to the old generation Jetta and recently renamed VW Clasico. It’s been a while since the Tsuru was last outsold so this is a month to remember in Mexico!

Probably benefitting from its new status as ‘low cost’ car, the VW Clasico clocks up 5,141 sales or 7.7% of the market, 109 more than the Tsuru at 7.5%. The Nissan Tiida sedan is holding well at 4,081 sales and 6.1%. The new VW Jetta gears up at #5 (+2 spots on January) with 1,874 sales and 2.8%.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Mexico January 2011: Nissan Tsuru & Tiida on top, Spark #6

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Relatively good start of the year for the Mexican car market at +7% with 68,766 registrations. Nissan places two models on top: the Nissan Tsuru is #1 again, and even grows faster than the market at +13% with 5,366 sales (7.8%), and the Nissan Tiida Sedan continues its amazing progression at #2 with 4,279 sales (6.2%) and +74%.

Strong showings for the VW Jetta Clasico in 3rd (+32%) and the Chevrolet Aveo in 4th (+87%), but the real event this month is the arrival of two newbies in the Top 10: the Chevrolet Spark is #6 with 1,886 sales (2.7%) and the VW New Jetta is #7 with 1,816 units (2.6%).

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Mexico December 2010: Nissan Tsuru invincible

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Nissan Tsuru in Mexico

The Mexican car market is up 14% in December at 104,941 sales, bringing the 2010 total to 820,406 registrations, up 9%.

The new Jetta ‘threat’ was short-lived: in December the Nissan Tsuru is again way above the competition at 6.9% share, finishing the year at 61,147 sales, up 12% and growing faster than the market in its 19th year! The Nissan Tiida Sedan climbs 2nd at 5.6%. It is 3rd in 2010 at 38,206 sales, up 78% (the highest growth in the Top 10).

The VW Jetta/Clasico slows down at 4.9% but stays #2 over 2010 at 41,361 sales and +31%. Excellent performance in December of the Honda CR-V, 6th at 2.6%.

Full December Top 10 and 2010 Top 15: see below.

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Mexico November 2010: Jetta closer to Tsuru again…

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Another good month for the Mexican car market, up 16% in November at 75,582 registrations and 8% year-to-date with 715,465.

While the Nissan Tsuru is still ahead with 5,112 sales and 6.8% this month, its advantage over the VW Jetta dropped to 194 units, vs. 334 units in October. Note the Jetta figures are combined sales of the new & Clasico models.

In third, the Nissan Tiida Sedan delivers strong results again at 3,749 sales and 5% of the Mexican market, as well as the Chevrolet Aveo at 3.7% in #4.

Full Top 12 Ranking table below.

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Mexico October 2010: Jetta threatens Tsuru

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

The Mexican car market is experiencing a slow growth this year after the devastating blow of the financial crisis, with +7% over 10 months at 639,883 registrations and +9% in October at 74,094.

The Nissan Tsuru is still the king of the Mexican roads with 5,097 sales in October (6.9%) and 48,785 sales YTD (7.6%), but the VW Jetta (helped by the new generation) is getting closer: At 4.9% market share YTD, it grows to 5.4% in September, and 6.4% in October (4,763 sales).

However the success story of 2010 is still at this stage the Nissan Tiida Sedan, with sales up 88% over 10 months 2010 at 28,605 (4.5%). And the Tiida is above its YTD level both in September (5.1%) and October (5.4%).

Many thanks to Ausrutherford for pointing me out to!

More commentaries and Full Top 12 Ranking Table below.

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Mexico June 2010: Nissan Tsuru still ahead

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Nissan Tsuru

The Nissan Tsuru (a 1992 Sentra) dominates the Mexican market with 9% of sales, ahead of the Chevrolet Chevy (a restyled 1993 Opel Corsa) and the VW Jetta Clasico (a restyled 1998 Bora). At +78% over 2009, the Nissan Tiida climbs to 4th with close to 4% market share.

The Seat Ibiza comes straight from Spain into the Top 10 in 9th, the Dodge Attitude (aka Hyundai Accent) is 11th, and the Renault Sandero appears in 15th for the first time in Mexico, enjoying the distribution network of Nissan, the #1 brand in the country, ahead of Chevrolet.

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