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Philippines 6 months 2010: Vios and Innova on top

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In a very dynamic market (up 37% on ’09 with 82,147 registrations), Toyota dominates at 32% market share, and places the Vios (aka Yaris sedan) in the lead with 1,502 sales in June, ahead of the Toyota Innova at 1,154.

Mitsubishi is also very strong at 19% market share (one of its best markets in the world, if not the best) and should see the Fuzion (aka Zinger), Adventure (built in the country) and Montero (aka Challenger) hold very high positions in the rankings. The Hyundai Tucson new gen is a hit: 819 sales in March only! The Isuzu Crosswind should also be in the Top 10.

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Philippines 2009: Toyota Vios & Innova dominate

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Both assembled in the country, the Toyota Vios and Innova dominate the models rankings in the Philippines in 2009. The Vios sold 11,981 units or 9.4% of the Philippino market, whereas the Innova was at 10,311 sales or 8.1%.

Philippines 2005-2008: Toyota Kijang Innova in the lead

January 10, 2009 Leave a comment

The Filipino car market is relatively small at 97,000 registrations in 2005, and Toyota has a stranglehold on it with an impressive 37% market share that year. The Toyota Kijang Innova, just launched, takes the lead immediately with 12,130 sales in 2005 and 12.5% of the market. It will be on top of the Filipino market in 2006, 2007 (with 10,544 sales) and 2008.

Back to the 2005 ranking: the Toyota Vios is #2 and best selling passenger car with 8,358 sales (8.6%). Then two Filipino curiosities follow: the Mitsubishi Adventure, built in the country, is #3 with 5,900 sales and 6.1%, and the Isuzu Crosswind, manufactured in neighbouring Indonesia, is #4 with 5,340 units sold and a 5.5% share.

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Mitsubishi Adventure

Isuzu Crosswind

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