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South Africa March 2011: Hilux leads, Nissan NP200 in Top10

April 7, 2011 1 comment

Nissan NP200

The South African car market continues on its great run, up 23% in March at 53,478 units. The Toyota Hilux stays on top and improves its market share to 7%, leaving the VW Polo Vivo behind at 5.2%. The Toyota Corolla/Auris climbs on the podium at 4.6%.

The two luxury sedans produced locally stay strong: the Mercedes C Class is #8 at 1,342 sales (2.5%) and the BMW 3 Series is #11 at 1,169 sales (2.2%). The Nissan NP200 (aka Dacia Logan pick-up) lands within the Top10 for the first time ever at 1,264 units, and the Nissan Micra has its first month of sales at #26 (392 sales).

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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South Africa February 2011: Hilux back on top, Polo Vivo #2

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Great result again for South African car sales, up 25% in February at 49,164 registrations. The Toyota Hilux climbs back on top with 6.2% of the market, just above the VW Polo Vivo at 6% and a Toyota Yaris in excellent shape at 5.2%.

The new VW Polo is down slightly at #4 with 3.5% share, followed by the Toyota Corolla/Auris at 3.1%. Great performance of the Audi A1 coming in directly at #25 with 395 sales and 0.8%. Honda launches the City under the name Ballade and secures 52 sales.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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South Africa January 2011: Polo Vivo back to #1, Figo #4

February 5, 2011 1 comment

The South African car market continues its good run, up 19% in January with 45,135 sales. Volkswagen has a good month with the Polo Vivo back in the first spot at 2,986 sales and 6.6%, leaving the Toyota Hilux behind at 2,626 sales and 5.8%, and the new Polo in 3rd place at 1,702 sales (3.8%).

The Ford Figo (based on the previous generation Fiesta) is very impressive in 4th position with 1,682 sales and 3.7%. The locally-produced Mercedes C Class is back up 5th with a very solid 2.8% share.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below.

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South Africa December 2010: Corolla/Auris #2, Nissan NP200 #11

January 12, 2011 1 comment

Nissan NP200

The South African car market finishes a euphoric year on a high: it is up 30% in December at 39,504 registrations, bringing the 2010 total to 492,956, up 25% on 2009.

Stellar month for Toyota: the Hilux confirms its #1 spot and increases its share to 7.3% with 2,895 sales this month, and the Corolla/Auris climbs up to #2 with 2,323 sales and a shining 5.9% market share, passing the VW Polo Vivo at 4.9%. The New Polo stays 5th at 3.3% and the Toyota Fortuner is solid in 6th at 3%.

The Nissan NP200 (a rebadged Dacia Logan Bakkie – South African for Pick-Up) is up 3 spots at #11 with 869 sales (2.2%).

December Top 40 Ranking Table and Last 4 Months (L4M) data below.

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South Africa November 2010: Hilux #1, Amarok directly #16

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The South African car market is very dynamic in November, up 30% over last year with 44,371 registrations, and up 24% Year-to-Date at 453,505.

The Toyota Hilux claims the top spot this month with a massive 6.8% market share vs. 4.4% for the VW Polo Vivo in 2nd, ahead of the Toyota Corolla/Auris at 3.8% in 3rd. The new Polo is gaining momentum in 5th (2.9%) ahead of a Toyota Fortuner in very good shape in 6th (2.8%).

For its very first month of sales, the VW Amarok lands directly within the Top 20 at #16 with 622 registrations and 1.4% of the South African market. A very good start for the VW pick-up, but it is impossible to predict yet whether the Amarok will materialise into a credible threat for a Toyota Hilux still going from strength to strength in the country.

More commentaries and Full Top 40 Ranking table below.

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South Africa October 2010: old gen Polo on top

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The South African market is up an impressive 22% in October with 44,055 registrations, and the #1 spot goes to the VW Polo Vivo, a restyled old gen Polo, with 2,576 sales and 5.8% of the market. The new Polo can only dream of this success: it is only 14th at 1.6%.

The Toyota Hilux is #2 at 2,496 sales and 5.7% after being #1 in September. The Toyota Corolla/Auris stays 3rd with 4.3 % and the Nissan NP300, an old gen Nissan Frontier, delivers a very strong month in 4th with 3.4%, vs. 1.9% in September.

Nissan NP300

The all-new Chevrolet Spark maintains a very high level of sales in 5th with 1,418 registrations and 3.2%. Also to be noticed the excellent performance of the Mercedes C Class in 7th at 2.6% and the 10th position of the BMW 3 Series at 2%.

Chevrolet Spark

Full Top 40 ranking table below.

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South Africa 2009: Toyota Hilux likely leader

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Not much data available for the South African car market in 2009, only March and April figures. The Toyota Hilux is #1 both times, totaling 4,153 sales. The VW Polo comes in 2nd, followed by the Toyota Yaris, Corolla and Quantum.

Full March/April 2009 Top 15 Ranking Table below.

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