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Algeria March 2011: Renault Symbol leads, Kia Picanto #2

April 17, 2011 2 comments

Outstanding month for new car sales in Algeria: the market is up 40% year-on-year in March at 25,971 registrations, and 35% year-to-date at 74,781. The Renault Symbol keeps the lead with 2,469 sales and 9.5%, and this month it is followed by the Kia Picanto and Peugeot 207, both at 1,525 sales and 5.9%.

Hyundai stays strong with the Atos in 4th place at 5.2% share and the Accent in 5th at 4.7%. The Dacia Logan has a weak month in 9th place at 2.3%, it is however #3 year-to-date with 3,306 sales and 4.4%. The Peugeot 308 slips into the Top 10 at 510 units and 2% share.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Algeria December 2010: Accent at 15%, Symbol #1 in Full Year

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

In spite of a good month of December at +9% (14,086 sales), Algerian car sales are down 3% in 2010 with 216,862 registrations. The Renault Symbol is the best selling car in Algeria again this year at 21,411 sales, just under 10% share, ahead of the Dacia Logan at 14,024 sales (6.5%).

Hyundai delivered a fantastic year, topped off with an out-of-this-world 34% share in December. Interestingly this is due to relatively old models: the Atos goes from #7 in 2009 to #3 this year at 12,037 sales (5.6%) and the Accent (old gen + Era) is #5 with 10,202 sales, including 2,174 in December: a 15% market share!

Full Year 2010 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Sudan 2010: Hilux ahead of an armada of Hyundais

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The Sudanese car market is pretty straight forward to decipher as a few cars emerge clear winners. The Toyota Hilux is in all likeliness the best selling car in Sudan: the streets of Khartoum are filled with the pick-up in its Africa-specific stenciled delivery.

Hyundai is extremely strong in Sudan and should place 3 models in the Top 5: the Hyundai Atos, Accent Era and Getz are favorites of the Sudanese consumer. Other successful models include the Toyota Corolla, even though the last generation doesn’t seem to have had the success of the previous one, the Mitsubishi Lancer (old gen) and L200, and the Toyota Camry.

More commentaries, videos and street scenes below.

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Guatemala 2010: Yaris, Hilux and Aveo on top

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

The Guatemalan car market is a relatively difficult one to approach as it seems to be quite fragmented. However, 3 models should stand out in the rankings: the Toyota Yaris Sedan, Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet Aveo.

Other strong sellers in Guatemala are the Mazda3, VW Polo, Mitsubishi Lancer, Hyundai Santa Fe, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mazda B-Series and Hyundai Atos (dedicated to taxis). The Mazda 323 sedan must have been #1 in the country a few years back judging by how many of them are still swarming the streets today. There is also an unusually high number of Volvos in the Guatemala City streets!

More commentaries and pictures below.

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Ethiopia 2010: Hilux and Corolla most popular

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Holland Car Awash Executive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia September 2010

In the busy streets of Addis Ababa, the Toyota Hilux, Corolla, Hiace, Land Cruiser and 2003 Hyundai Atos are the most popular new cars, with the Suzuki Vitara, Chery QQ and Mitsubishi L200 also worth mentioning.

Holland Car, the first Ethiopian car assembler, is starting to get noticed in the crazy Addis traffic with the Abay (a Lifan 520). However the cooperation with Lifan has been replaced with JAC in 2009, with the launches of the Tekeze (JAC Tojoy hb), Abay Executive (JAC Tojoy sedan), Awash Executive (JAC B-Class) and Shebele (JAC B-Cross).

More information about Holland Cars and Addis Ababa street scenes below.

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Algeria October 2010: Logan edges Symbol out

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

In a stable Algerian market at 16,395 registrations, the Dacia Logan manages to grab the top spot this month with 1,373 sales (8.4%), only 5 units more than the Renault Symbol in #2. The Symbol however stays #1 in the Year-to-date ranking with 19,101 sales and 10.2% of the market.

Excellent performance of the 2003 Hyundai Atos, 3rd with 1,248 sales and 7.6%, ahead of the Peugeot 207 also in very good shape at 5.3% market share. The VW Golf new generation breaks into the Top 10 in 9th with 425 sales and 2.6%, it is 12th YTD at 1.6%.

Full Top 11 ranking table below.

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Algeria January-September 2010: Symbol grabs 10%

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Very strong month of September in Algeria at 17,686 registrations (+45% over 2009), whereas the year-to-date score is 171,207 sales, still down 8% over 2009.

The 2010 year-to-date model ranking sees the Renault Symbol grow 19% over last year to reach a very impressive 10.4% market share and stay #1 with 17,733 registrations. Also growing, the Dacia Logan is #2 with 12,384 registrations, including 1,304 MCV versions.

Following in the ranking, two old Hyundai models see their sales increase significantly over 2009: the 2003 Hyundai Atos grows 13% to 7,822 sales and 4.6% market share, and the 2000 Hyundai Accent (two generations ago) grows 10% to 6,889 registrations. An interesting trend that shows how Hyundai adapts its range to maximise sales in African markets.

Two French models follow: the Peugeot 207 is 5th with 6,835 units sold (+3%) and the Renault Clio III is 6th with 6,616 registrations (+32%).

Full Top 30 ranking table below.

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