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Slovakia March 2011: Dacia Duster on podium

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

New car sales in Slovakia are up 20% in March at 6,480 units. After a weaker month of February, the Skoda Octavia is back in shape at 616 sales and 9.5% market share, well above the Skoda Fabia at 396 units and 6.1%.

The Dacia Duster continues its fantastic progression and climbs onto the podium for the first time in Slovakia at 224 sales and 3.5% share. The Suzuki SX4 is down one spot at #4 but still strong at 3% share, whereas the Kia Sportage is up two spots at #5 with 190 units and 2.9%. The Renault Thalia is stable in 6th place at 2.3%, above the BMW 3 Series unusually high at 147 sales.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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Slovakia February 2011: Octavia & Fabia head-to-head, Duster #5

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

The Slovak car market continues its excellent run at +38% in February with 4,803 registrations. For the first time in over a year, the Skoda Fabia is very close (1 unit!) to the #1 spot, still held by the Skoda Octavia at 396 sales (8.2%).

Similarly to neighbour Czech Republic, Slovak consumers have fallen for the Dacia Duster, up to a fantastic 5th spot at 129 sales and 2.7%. The Suzuki SX4 (3.4%) and Renault Thalia (2.9%) also progress in 3rd and 4th place.

Full Top 40 Ranking Table below.

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Historical Data now available for 10 additional countries

March 8, 2011 2 comments

The Tofas Sahin was among the best selling cars in Turkey in the 90’s.

Historical data has now been added for 10 additional countries: Canada (up to 2004), Czech Republic (1969), Malaysia (2000), Poland (1992), Romania (1969), Slovakia (1969), Slovenia (2003), Switzerland (2004), Turkey (1993) and Venezuela (2002).

Witness the growth of the Skoda Octavia in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland, the domination of Tofas in Turkey, the crowning of the Perodua Kancil and Myvi in Malaysia and much more.

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This brings us to 38 countries with Historical Data. See the previous updates here and here, plus France here and Australia here & here. Enjoy!

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Czechoslovakia: 1969-2009 Historical Data now available

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The Skoda 120 was #1 in Czechoslovakia in the 1980’s.

Looking at the rare new posts over the last week it doesn’t seem like I have done much work lately, but believe me I have! You can now check out Historical Data as far as 1969 for Czechoslovakia, split between Czech Republic and Slovakia from 1993 onwards.

Witness different Skoda models take the lead of these markets along the years: the 100 (1969), 120 (1977), Favorit (1988), Felicia (1995), Fabia (2000) and finally Octavia (2009 in Czech Republic, 2010 in Slovakia), most of them reaching 30%+ market shares…

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Slovakia January 2011: Kia Sportage up to #3!

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Slovak car sales are up a shining 51% in January at 4,414 registrations. The two leading Skodas stay put, with the Octavia #1 at 480 sales and a very solid 10.9% share, and the Fabia very stable in #2 at 328 sales and 7.4%.

The surprise of the month is the arrival on the podium of the Kia Sportage with 151 sales and 3.4%! After finishing 5th in Poland in December, the new Korean SUV confirms its extraordinary success in Eastern Europe. Kia is reportedly working extra hard to keep up with demand. The Suzuki SX4 is stable in 4th at 3.1%.

Full Top 35 Ranking Table below.

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Slovakia Full Year 2010: Octavia, Fabia & Kia Cee’d in command

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Slovak car sales finish the year at 64,033, down 27%. For the first time ever and after 10 consecutive years of Skoda Fabia domination, the best selling car in the country is the Skoda Octavia with 5,675 sales and 8.9%. The Fabia drops to 2nd at 4,766 sales (7.4%). The Slovak consumer is fond of station wagons: nearly half of Fabias sold and 1 in 3 Octavias are Combis.

Only three more cars hold 2%+ of the market: the locally produced Kia Cee’d at 3.2%, the Suzuki SX4 at 3% and the VW Golf at 2.5%. The most successful new model is the Renault Fluence, already #8 over 2010 at 1,067 sales and 1.7%. In the L2M (Last 2 Months) ranking, note the 7th place of the Kia Sportage (2%) and the 13th place of the Skoda Superb (1.3%).

Full Year Top 50 Ranking: see below.

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Slovakia October 2010: Octavia #1, Sportage #5

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

The Slovakian market is slowly recovering from a dismal year: October is at +10% vs. 2009 but the year-to-date sales are still at -33% vs. last year.

Like in Czech Republic, the Skoda Octavia is ahead, followed by the Fabia, but their market shares are significantly lower: 8.6% and 7.5% respectively. The Kia Cee’d, built in the country, is 3rd at 3.1% just above the Suzuki SX4, built in neighbouring Hungary, and the VW Golf and Polo. The Renault Fluence closes the Top 10 at 1.6%.

The Kia Sportage new generation is off to a great start: it ranks 5th in October with 142 sales and 2.3% of the market. The Hyundai ix35 is also doing well in 12th this month at 1.4%.

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