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Jordan 2010: old gen Lancer likely to be #1

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Absolutely no car sales data coming from Jordan, so I’m using YouTube videos of Amman’s streets to find out more about this market. This is complete speculation based on very little information so please get it touch if you have any more info!

It looks like the old generation Mitsubishi Lancer is holding the #1 spot in Jordan, having been kept in the range alongside the new gen Lancer EX. Not far behind, we could find the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Elantra, possibly followed by the Honda Civic and Kia Picanto. The Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200 should be the best-selling commercial vehicles. I also noticed a few Chery QQ’s in the streets of Amman.

More commentaries and pictures below.

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Cambodia 2010: Camry best-seller

November 20, 2010 5 comments

Based on observation of the streets of Phnom Penh through YouTube videos, the Toyota Camry is in all likeliness the best-selling car in Cambodia, and could have been so for many years given the number of different generations still omnipresent there.

It is possibly followed by the Honda CR-V, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200. The numerous Lexus models visible in the streets of the country are in fact private US imports, as the brand is not officially present in Cambodia.

Picture taken by my dear Mum and Dad during their trip to Cambodia in November 2010.

More pictures below.

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Thailand 11 months 2008: Hilux still dominates at 20.4%

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Thailand is the ‘pick-up factory of the world’: most pick-up trucks are actually built in the country, and it shows in the model ranking: the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max fight it out for the 1st spot. Over 11 months 2008 the Toyota is ahead with an astounding 20.4% market share, ahead of the Isuzu’s 19.7%. Yes, you read it right, these two models account for no less than 40.1% of the entire Thai car market…

Toyota also leads the passenger car segment with the Vios (aka Yaris sedan) at 7.3% and the Corolla Altis at 5.2%. Honda places the Civic in 5th and the Jazz in 7th, whereas the new City, only a few months old, is already 11th with 10,907 sales and 2% of the market.

Two more pick-ups are in the Top 10: the Nissan Frontier in 6th (3.9%) and the Mitsubishi Triton in 8th (3%).

Full Top 20 ranking table below.

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New Zealand 4 months 2010: Suzuki Swift on podium

Car sales are up 10% in New Zealand over the first 4 months of the year at 25,037 registrations. The Toyota Corolla holds onto its pole position but see its market share slip slightly from 6.7% over the Full Year 2009 to 5.5% now.

The Toyota Hilux is stable at #2 with 4.5% whereas the Suzuki Swift gains one spot in 3rd with 1,079 sales and 4.3%, ahead of the Holden Commodore at 846 sales and 3.4%. The Holden Cruze delivers a remarkable entrance in the Top 10 in 6th with 692 sales and 2.8%.

Other good performances include the 11th place of the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Mitsubishi Triton at #15 and the VW Golf at #17. Full Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Australia 2009: Commodore still ahead but with lowest volume

January 1, 2010 Leave a comment

** For the 2009 Top 50 and every monthly Top 20 click on ‘read more’ at the end of the article **

The Australian market is down 7% in 2009 at 937,328 registrations, and the Holden Commodore is the best selling car in the country for the 14th year in a row, allbeit with only 44,387 sales, believed to be its lowest volume since the introduction of the nameplate in 1978.

However with a drop of ‘only’ 13% on ’08, the Commodore actually increases its lead over the Toyota Corolla, 2nd at 39,013 units and -18%, but the Toyota Hilux, 3rd at 38,451 sales, is getting closer with only -10% on ’08.

In 2009, no less than 4 models lead the monthly sales at least once and one did so for the very first time:  the Mazda3, #1 in January with 3,124 sales and 4.7%, by far its best-ever share. It finished 4th over the year with 35,298 sales (3.8%), the only model in the Top5 to increase its volume, at +4%.

The Commodore was 1st only 6 times, its lowest number in a decade, the Corolla 3 times and the Hilux twice: in June and November when it reached 4.9% of the market with 4,230 sales, its best share and volume ever.

The Ford Falcon finished the year in 5th, like in 2007 and 2008, but with 31,023 sales (-3%) it managed to increase its share to 3.3%, above its level of the last 2 years.

The Hyundai i30 is 6th this year. After stagnating around the 30th place and 1% in 2008, its sales rose spectacularly in 2009: it broke into the Top 10 for the first time in April (6th with 2.3%) and peaked at 2.9% in August.

The Holden Cruze at #21 is by far the best performing new 2009 model. It broke into the Top 10 for its first full month of sales in July (#8 with 2.6%) and peaked at 2.7% in August and October.

More commentaries, Full Year 2009 Top 50 and every monthly Top 20 below.

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Australia 2007: Commodore resists new Corolla assault

January 2, 2008 Leave a comment

2007 is the very first year Australians purchased more than 1 million cars annually: with 1,049,982 registrations the market is up 9% over 2006.

The Holden Commodore is the best selling car in Australia for the 12th year in a row in spite of the arrival of the new generation Toyota Corolla, which launched in June and immediately grabbed the #1 spot with 5.6% share. The Commodore stuck it out however, reclaiming the top spot every month until December. All in all, the Commodore was #1 9 times this year and finishes at 57,307 sales and 5.5% share (peaking at 6.6% in February) vs. 3 times for the Corolla and a total of 47,792 sales and 4.6%.

The Toyota Hilux climbs onto the podium for the first time with 42,009 sales (4%), up a solid 14%, and peaking at #2 and 4.5% in March. The Mazda3 gains 1 spot in 4th with 34,394 units (+6%), ahead of a Ford Falcon dropping 2 spots at 33,941 sales (-20%).

2007 highlights include the best-ever 4th place of the Toyota Yaris in April (#6 in full year at +6%), the spectacular arrival of the Toyota Aurion in the Full Year Top 10 at #8 with 22,036 sales and 2.1% (peaking at 2.5% in June), and the new generation Mitsubishi Lancer, already 9th in November one month after its launch.

More commentaries, Full Year 2007 Top 50 and every month’s Top 20: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Toyota Aurion

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Australia 2005: Commodore & Falcon still dominate but slow down

January 3, 2006 Leave a comment

The Australian market is getting closer and closer to the million with 985,057 registrations this year, up 3% on 2004. The Holden Commodore is the best selling car in Australia for the 10th consecutive year with 66,794 sales and 6.8% (-15%). It ranked #1 10 times and peaked at 8.2% in March. The Ford Falcon is 2nd at 53,080 units and 5.4% (-19%), it was #1 in August at 6.8%, its best share this year.

2005 was the year the Toyota Corolla ranked #1 for the very first time. It did so in September with a best-ever 6.1% share, the first time an imported model was #1 since the Hyundai Excel in June 1998. It finished the year 3rd at 46,415 sales (4.7% and +19%).

The Toyota Camry is down 10% in 4th with 3.7% – it peaked in December at 5% – ahead of the Holden Astra, 5th at 3.5% (+31%) peaking at #3 and 4% in February. The Mazda3 is 6th for its first full year with 3.3% (+48%), it landed in the podium for the first time in January.

The Ford Territory is the only new entrant in the Yearly Top 10 at #9 with 23,454 sales and 2.4%, peaking at a best-ever 2.9% (#7) in December. The Mitsubishi Triton broke into the Top 10 in June and the VW Golf is up 57% at #30. Two significant launches occured in October: Toyota abandoned the Echo nameplate to launch the Yaris, already #11 in November, and Mitsubishi replaced the Magna/Verada by the 380, ranking #12 in November at 2.1 (which will end up being its career best).

Full Year 2005 Top 50 and every monthly Top 20: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Ford Territory

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