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Canada 2010/January 2011: F Series breaks record, Elantra #1

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

With 97,913 units sold in Canada in 2010, the Ford F-Series breaks the sales record in a single year in the country. It is also the best-selling pick up in Canada for the 45th consecutive year, followed by the Honda Civic, Dodge Caravan and Dodge Ram.

In January and for the 2011 model’s first full month of sales, the Hyundai Elantra manages to become the best-selling passenger car in Canada with 2,253 units moved, followed by the Toyota Corolla at 2,146. The traditional #1 passenger car, the Honda Civic, sold 1,142 units.

2010 Top 10 Ranking below.

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Canada October 2010: F-Series & Caravan post strong growths

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks to our friend Bart D at, and, we finally have up-to-date figures for the Canadian market, in reasonably good shape in 2010 at +1% in October (123,310 sales) and +7% Year-to-date with 1,330,658 registrations.

The Ford F-Series is very impressive in #1 with a 24% growth over ’09 at 84,630 sales YTD (6.4%), well ahead of the Honda Civic in #2 at -9% and 48,805 sales (3.7%) in spite of growing 27% in October. The Dodge Caravan, a traditional performer in Canada, is back on the podium with 46,979 sales YTD (3.5%) at an amazing +42%.

More commentaries and full Top 30 ranking table below.

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Canada 2009: Ford F-Series dominates

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Canadian car sales rankings by nameplate have become very difficult to obtain in 2010, so much so that the latest figures I have date back from November 2009. If you have more recent info about the Canadian car market please get in touch!

To get a more general idea, let’s add the sales figures for the 3 months up to November 09: the Ford F-Series then leads the way (19,207 sales) ahead of three small passenger cars: the Honda Civic (15,776), the Toyota Corolla (13,742) and the Mazda3 (11,541). The Dodge Caravan, traditionally on the Canadian podium, is only 7th over the period with 10,694 registrations.

Top 15 Sep-Nov 2009, Top 10 November 2009, Top 20 October 2009 and Top 30 September 2009 ranking tables below.

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Canada 2008: Honda Civic takes the lead

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Similarly to the US market, huge petrol price increases are boosting sales of small cars to the detriment of pick-ups. For the first time in years the Ford F-Series is not the best-selling vehicle in Canada, the title going to the Honda Civic. It sold 61,712 units over the first 9 months of 2008, reaching a 4.7% share vs. 4.2% and 54,799 units for the Ford.

The Toyota Corolla jumps 4 spots to #3 with 48,307 sales (3.7%) ahead of the Mazda3 (3.1%) and Toyota Yaris (2.7%). The Dodge Caravan drops to #7 at 31,582 sales (2.3%) in spite of the new generation going on sale. Other great performances include the Hyundai Accent at #11 and the Chevrolet Malibu at #24 (both at +24 spots).

Full 9 months 2008 Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Dodge Caravan in Quebec, Canada January 2008. The new generation has not helped sales.

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Canada 2007: F Series and Civic dominate, Pontiac still strong

January 20, 2008 Leave a comment

The Pontiac Pursuit is #13 in Canada in 2007.

In a market up 2% at 1,653,771 registrations, there are no surprises on top: the Top 4 models stay the same: the Ford F-Series (#1), Honda Civic (#2) and Mazda3 (#4) are stable whereas the Dodge Caravan (#3) drops 11%. the only move within the Top 10 is the Toyota Corolla dropping from 5th to 7th (-8%), allowing the Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra to each gain one spot.

The best new entrant in the Top 50 is the Nissan Versa at #17 (+226%), followed by the VW Golf at #28 (+66%) and the Pontiac Grand Prix at #36 (+59%). Very discreet in the US with only two models in the Top 50, Pontiac is much more successful in Canada where it places 6 models in the best-selling 50: the Grand Prix, Pursuit (a rebadged Chevrolet Cobalt), Montana SV6 (aka Chevrolet Uplander), Vibe (aka Toyota Matrix), G6 and Torrent.

Full Year 2007 Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below.

The Pontiac Montana SV6 is #20 in Canada in 2007.

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Canada 2004-2006: F Series, Civic and Caravan on podium

January 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Ford F-Series

Honda Civic

Dodge Caravan

Canadian car sales are pretty stable over the years as the same three models consistently rank on the podium: the Ford F-Series, Honda Civic and Dodge Caravan.

The Ford F-Series is the best selling vehicle in Canada in 2004, 2005 and 2006, however its margin over the #2 reduces dramatically: from 8,231 sales over the Dodge Caravan in 2004 to 1,043 over the Honda Civic in 2005 and 2,100 over the same model in 2006.

Both the F-Series and Civic peak in 2006, respectively at 72,128 and 70,028 sales, whereas the Dodge Caravan, #2 in 2004 but #3 in 2005 and 2006, peaks at 65,002 units in 2005. There is a gap between the top 3 models and the 4th, a place occupied by the Toyota Corolla in 2004 and by the Mazda3 in 2005 and 2006.

Full Year 2004, 2005 and 2006 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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